Chamber 1Chamber Music is for a small group that may include piano, instruments, and/or singers. It is intended for performance in intimate settings with one performer to a part. This form can be classical or jazz.

The early introduction and interaction with the continued process of chamber music has been shown to prepare students in the Goals for College and Career Readiness.  Intensive training offered in chamber music includes listening, analyzing, working collaboratively with others, and team problem solving.

At Loy Performing Arts we want to incorporate these goals within our chamber music program. Proficient elementary through high school students in piano, voice or instruments are welcome to Chamber Groupparticipate. TMTA offers wonderful performance and competition at the state convention in June for grades 7-12, with some exceptions for upper elementary students. Other competitive events are under consideration.  We plan to study and learn together and perform throughout the year.
Non-LPA students may contact us for a private audition. Please see the Chamber Music fee on the Payment Schedule.